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Private Investigators

LocateMasters is headed up by one of the industry's top private investigators, Jeff Penrod. Mentored by professional law enforcement personnel, Jeff learned how to optimize his skills and apply them to achieving successful results in a broad range of people-locating applications—from criminal defense cases to asset repos to catching bail jumpers.

Jeff has established an outstanding track record, making a name for himself in Phoenix and surrounding areas. His is one of the highest rated private investigation firms in Arizona, which is why he frequently comes up at the top in search results against bigger agencies that have been around longer.

Jeff's team of former very experienced investigators use their unique and highly-specialized skills day in and day out to uncover the truth, get the facts their clients are looking for, and locate individuals who may or may not want to be located. They aren't reluctant to deal with anyone who can help them along the path to getting the job done. LocateMasters are proactive, persistent, and effective—three traits that separate them from others who offer similar services.

We're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our initial consultations are Free, 100% Confidential, and you can expect zero pressure on the call.

Call us at (480) 269-7099

Why Choose LocateMasters?

  • We are private investigators, not a database search company.
  • We offer years of professional experience and sound judgment.
  • We will never give up on a case as long as you want it pursued.
  • While we may charge more than other agencies, you're paying for real results.
  • We speak to you personally about your locate investigation.
  • We listen to your concerns and focus on what you care about most.
  • We are licensed professionals; our relationship is strictly confidential.

Our mission: Locatemasters will work relentlessly toward a successful locate for your legitimate purpose. Where others will give up when the search gets difficult, we will continue persistently to accomplish your objective.


"I received an immediate response and quote regarding my inquiry. He’s highly skilled and an experienced private investigator. He did amazing work, he didn’t just sit behind a desk, he is boots on the ground and verified the information. I believe in life you get what you willing to pay for, Jeff’s work was money well spent, professional, great quality work, in a timely manner."

Carla Reagan

"I've done business with Jeff for years and have nothing but good to say about his work. With a Police career background and experience with people, he knows how to get the info he needs to get the truth. Well done."

R. R.

"Thank you for coming through for us. We really appreciate it! If you need a private investigator in Phoenix then you must call Jeff."

Paul West

"Jeff is professional and an extremely hard worker. I recommend him to anyone to get the job done."

Cristina Doan

"They have very reasonable rates and their investigative staff are seasoned investigators with years of experience in all types of investigations from missing persons, due diligence, countersurveillance to difficult infidelity cases. I was very satisfied with their work and they were very easy to talk to and get in touch with when I needed them."

Kevin N.

"Very accurate and responsive to the needs of their clients!"

Chris Watson

"What a breath of fresh air to know that there are others out there who genuinely have my best interest at heart. Thank you Jeff and team for your excellent communication and being persistent with following through with all of my directions. Highly recommend!"

Dale Keliikoa

"The service was quick and professional. I was able to locate the person within a few days and start to collect what I was owed. I would highly recommend them."

Maria Shivone

"An absolute pleasure to do business with! Reliable, knowledgeable private investigator. Thank you for your professionalism."

Sandra Margot-Escott

"Exceeded my expectations and quickly provided me with professional and knowledgeable service."

Cheree Beck

"They went the distance and got me the information I needed for my case . Thank you"

Tracie Stanley